Roca Casablanca Showroom

CuldeSac, Media Markt and Led Dream lead the new image of the ROCA showroom in Casablanca with LED technology and dynamic digital lighting

Roca Casablanca Showroom

April 2021

Roca, a world leader in the design, production and commercialization of products for the bathroom space and home solutions, in its continuous commitment to innovation and digitization in all its locations, has decided to carry out a thorough comprehensive renovation in its most representative showroom in Morocco . The objective of this comprehensive renovation has been to prioritize detail and quality in all its spaces in order to offer a complete solution to its clients and professionals in the field of architecture and design


Indoor LED Display, Digital lighting


CuldeSac, Media Markt


More (Integral Digitization)


Casablanca, Morocco

In this renovation, LED technology and digital lighting have taken a special role in this grand opening of the ROCA Casablanca showroom. This digitization project has been led by the client himself, the CuldeSac design studio and Media Markt B2B, who in turn have trusted their partner LED DREAM, a specialist in digital solutions with LED technology, and who has been in charge of the creation and final design of the digital concept in which it enhances Roca's image as an avant-garde brand

Architecture and LED technology in video and digital lighting, come together to create a space of inspiration and design

It is a 360 project of LED technology in video and digital lighting: manufacturing, supply, implementation of necessary structures and installation, commissioning and content with the aim of transmitting a differential value, providing greater visibility and inviting to discover the new ranges of Roca products. The objective of this integral work was to create a space of innovation and high standing, especially with a total orientation towards professionals who share their interest and motivation for the design of the bathroom space and home comfort. This space is thought in every detail to inspire, to offer a unique technological and sensory experience to architects, interior designers and designers

Attractive digital composition of the facade in which a digital LED lighting system has been installed in the form of vertical lines (a total of 120 units with almost 3m in length each) and houses in its interior design a high resolution Outdoor LED screen 3x1.5 meters (pixel 3.91mm Gold Wire)

A space of innovation and high standing

For the execution, LED DREAM has had its partner Lumalia Creative Studio, who have technically designed the dynamic digital lighting system made to measure for this facade, which allows the visualization of different digital effects and which synchronizes with the contents of the LED screen. From the light and the corporate colors (white, black and blue) that through organic programming vary throughout the day, different visual effects are achieved, both during the day and at night. For control, Lumalia and Led Dream have relied on ProtoPixel and its control systems