Punt Roma’s stores

Led Dream and The Sensory Lab create a personalized music channel for all of Punt Roma’s stores

Punt Roma’s stores

Since 2015

The personalized and bidirectional music channel makes for an innovative customer-oriented proposal, as thanks to it, Punt Roma and customers purchasing its products are now digitally connected.

Integral solution

Personalized music channel (corporate)


The Sensory Lab


Aroma y music


Various stores in Spain, France, Portugal and Andorra

The ingenuity of this new space allows for clients to communicate and feel connected with the brand. Indeed, visitors can interact with the store’s virtual catalogues, comprising over 20.000 references, through touchscreen monitors. Lastly, a customized music channel allows visitors to select the music they wish to hear within the store while the system registers these musical preferences.

Musical and aromatic ambiance for all its stores in Spain and Portugal

This project was led by The Sensory Lab expert and its partner LED DREAM an Indoor & Outdoor LED solutions expert, aiming to make music an integral part of Punt Roma’s stores. In this sense, the pair took care of creating a personal music channel, all the way from establishing a public address system to soundproofing Punt Roma’s stores and installing necessary player equipment.

The fundamental element of this personalized music integration "is that it allows [Punt Roma] to get to know the customer better" and in turn allows them to transmit positivity and brand values, in line with the advertising campaign that the company is carrying out. In addition, the music is manageable remotely from any computer with Internet access.