Claror Sardenya club

Comprehensive digital reform of the Claror Sardenya club in Barcelona

Claror Sardenya club

August 2019

Claror is a reputed gym chain in Barcelona, with over 32.000 members and nine centers ( Currently undertaking comprehensive renovations and improvements for all its sports centers, Claror recently decided to refurbish several spaces of one of its most representative clubs: Claror Sardenya in Barcelona.

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Indoor LED Displays & Digital Lighting


Comprehensive and digital reform of the Claror Sardenya club


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Barcelona, Spain

In this sense, Claror decided to introduce sustainability and technology into its different areas. Such a project aimed to further client and trainer relationships making them more interactive and offer a system for greater control of results and improvements, which is highly valued by users. As a result of this desire for constant improvement and modernization of its services and facilities, Claror decided to renovate the club's reception and the external customer service area, creating spectacular spaces, where the role of digitalization is important.
Claror-LedDream-Led-Iluminacion Claror - Iluminación LED

Technology and digital transformation

For this renovation, Claror entrusted LED DREAM, an Indoor & Outdoor LED solutions expert, with the creation and design of a digital and interactive concept which would boost the users’ experience. Furthermore, LED DREAM took care of integrating more traditional and ecological elements (like furniture and decoration) and innovative technological solutions (audiovisual & renders).

The most impressive novelties of this refurbishing are the BLACKLED 3.9mm pitch Indoor screens incorporated in these two spaces. The first screen covering a 4m2 surface was placed in a banner format in the reception hall to promote relevant club information, special offers and an integrated shifts program. Meanwhile, a 2m2 SMD led screen (which maximizes brightness levels) was installed in the club’s showcase to display content to the outer world. The vertical totem format chosen for the screen is an attractive choice meant to attract potential customers.

Claror - Iluminación LED

Comprehensive digital reform of the Claror Sardenya club in Barcelona

Other striking elements of this operation are our 3.91mm Indoor LED screens covering a total surface of 15m2, which IBERSOUND laid out in an original design of irregular shapes, resulting in a spectacular sight!
LED DREAM carried out this entire comprehensive renovation during the month of August, so that by the end of summer holidays, Claror got the final result it wanted: to produce a WOW effect on its customers and encourage them to come back and exercise.