Windoor Real Fly

Huge installation of two, 20m2 each, eye-catching Outdoor LED Displays

Windoor Real Fly

November 2012

The new Windoor RealFly complex, located in Empuriabrava (Girona), opened access to its indoor skydiving tunnel, in November 2012, as it aims to become the world leader for skydiving.

LED Solution

Outdoor LED Display






Empuriabrava, Girona - Barcelona, Spain

The two huge turbines designed by Josep Comas Boadas and built thanks to foreign capital boast a complex engineering system able to reproduce the feeling of a steady free-fall at over 300km/h winds.
ledDream-windoor-pantallaLed-Exterior-instalacion2 ledDream-windoor-pantallaLed-Exterior-instalacion3

As part of this ambitious project, LED DREAM installed attractive and modern LED screens, visible from as far as 5km away

A modern and sophisticated building like this one couldn’t leave out Digital Signage as one of its key elements. The following project was therefore entrusted to Infoself and LED DREAM, who, in collaboration, developed and implemented it: two huge LED screens on each side of the building’s façade, both 25m2 large (6m x 4m, 4:3 ratio).


Huge installation of two, 20m2 each, eye-catching Outdoor LED Displays

By technical standards and oppositely to more conventional models, the LED screens used by LED DREAM stand out, for their color depth ranging between 1 and 16 million colors (even with low brightness, which serves to prevent the uncomfortable sensation provoked when water invades the LED screens), higher than 4.000 Hz frame rates, high brightness levels of up to 13.000 nits and front panels for maintenance and reparation.