Wallbox Corporate Offices

Wallbox transformed its work environment through the digitalization of its facilities and the installation of LED technology in its corporate offices

Wallbox Corporate Offices

August 2020

Wallbox, recently relocated to Barcelona, is a company devoted to developing plug-in smart charging systems for private and business electric and hybrid vehicles. Its avant-garde products stand out for their exceptional design allowing your car and its charger to interact through easy-to-use applications.

LED Solution

Z-shaped indoor LED Display






Barcelona, Spain

As part of its commitment to innovation and sustainability, Wallbox opted for a complete renovation of its offices, prioritizing design, technology and the use of eco-efficient material and resources. The integral transformation allowed Wallbox to offer optimal services and comprehensive solutions to its employees and their final client.
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A Smart office with a computerized system which allows for improved collaboration, creativity, and teamwork

This process was only possible thanks to an extended collaboration between LED DREAM and Wallbox’s partner Construcía, who dealt with the production, design, distribution, and installation of this LED technology along with the deployment of all the audiovisual equipment and the incorporation of all these collaborative systems into the building itself.

The design, application of new technologies and the use of eco-efficient materials are essential


Digitization of spaces and improvement of the customer experience in Barcelona

This included installing collaborative wireless systems connected to one central screen in the staff meetings room. In this way, Wallbox can organize remote client meetings with a single click. Furthermore, we installed videoconference systems that could efficiently capture sound and audiovisual equipment such as led screens, interactive monitors, and high-quality projectors, which give the offices their modern and stylish look.
As audiovisual and LED solutions experts, LED DREAM keeps offering new digital solutions to its partners and clients!