Corporate building ICON Realia Madrid

Realia revamps its headquarters thanks to two spectacular 27m2 Curved LED screens

Corporate building ICON Realia Madrid

December 2018

Realia, a company dedicated to the real estate sector with its headquarters in Madrid’s KIO Towers, undertook a large-scale digitalization of its main entrance, in which audiovisual equipment played a major role.

LED Solution

Curved & Indoor LED Display


Tower TBA




Madrid, Spain

Perhaps the biggest innovations of this revamping are the two striking curved LED screens which you’ll find upon entering one of Madrid’s landmark buildings. This audiovisual project which was led by TOWER TBA in collaboration with its partner LED DREAM, an Indoor and Outdoor LED solutions experts, is surrounded by spectacular vertical gardens and a beautifully designed lamp, along with corresponding improvements and upgrades made to the room. An undoubtably incredible result
Realia-LedDream Realia-LedDream

An amazing audiovisual installation within the Torre Realia’s Lobby

LED DREAM also designed, manufactured, and installed two 27m2 each curved structures in which to place these LED screens as part of the project. The high level of difficulty of this project required for the Terrassa based company to build these bases impromptu, with three anchorage points to the ceiling at a compatible angle with the existing wall behind.
The successful project features two Indoor 2.6 mm pitch BLACK LED screens, with a superior image processing quality and a close to 4K resolution. Furthermore, the project includes an audio system which offers ultimate versatility to its user.

Technology, sustainability and space flexibility are the 3 main axes of this renovation, located in the main hall of its offices in Madrid, with an elegant design and high quality


An innovative and efficient way to display interactive content

Realia’s LED displays provide an innovative and efficient tool for broadcasting high-quality interactive content, business videos and any relevant information elegantly. This ultra-modern technology adapts to its environment, providing the best possible experience to its clients and users in a modern and digital setting.