86D Velázquez Prime Executive Offices

We created a giant mural of digital art and avant-garde content in the reception of prime executive offices 86D Velázquez

86D Velázquez Prime Executive Offices

May 2022

86D Velázquez building, located in one of the most exclusive areas of the “golden mile”, in the business district of central Madrid and owned by Colonial, has completed an ambitious and elegant Prime Executive remodeling process: a new and distinguished category of modern and high standing offices in which digital content and LED technology take on special prominence in its main reception. It is an exclusive office complex, conceived by Colonial, with interior design by Gärna Studio and Project management by Homu, in which its rectangular shape and location stand out; the building enjoys floors of a great luminosity of more than 2,000 m², something unusual in its area.


Indoor LED Display / Digital Content






Madrid, Spain

86d velázquez Madrid
The LED display becomes a moving digital work of art for the realization of this digital project, Colonial has had the important collaboration of its partner LED DREAM Group, who took charge of the project from conceptualization, design, supply and implementation of LED technology, as well as all the necessary installations and structures. In this digital artistic space, located in the reception of the building, a large-format Led screen with more than 45m2 of total viewing area, pixel pitch P2.6, resolution close to 4K and high quality image processing has been installed. and color depth. The new and modern 86D Velázquez building is a unique, elegant, elitist and highly designed space. For this reason, the essence of this project focused on enhancing the main reception where the LED display is located from an artistic point of view, providing an important influence on the setting of the space.
86d Velázquez Madrid 86d Velázquez Madrid

An exlusive canvas of art and digital content in the main hall

In this exclusive office building, an immersive experience was designed in the main hall, turning it into a space of sensations and emotions. The digital proposal is based on turning the LED display into a work of art. A digital painting, alive, modern and in movement, where different digital art content will be exhibited that seduces visitors and tenants. This unique project has been a challenge in all its phases: the creation and conception of the idea and design, the different themes with the same common thread, sketches and creation of 3D content, manipulation of archive material. A surprising mix of design, art and audiovisual technology as the protagonist. LED DREAM Group has executed the digital content part through Channel4you, a group company specialized in digital content.

The LED display becomes a moving digital work of art. We have created several pieces of 3D content that transport us to other worlds through the screen

86D Velázquez Madrid

-Breathing Wall. The user is immersed in high-impact visual content with different geometric shapes, materials, organic textures, smooth and harmonious movements.
-Living Gallery. The LED screen becomes a great exhibition space for digital artists. Same idea, different points of view.
-Colores digitales. A new space for experimentation and artistic expression through fluids and explosions of color through liquids, inks, particles.
-Dreaming Window. 3D content that transports us to other worlds through the screen, converted into an elegant room with windows and inspired by landscapes, nature, surreal and dreamlike architectural spaces.

All these contents are perfectly integrated into the screen and its space, maintaining the elegance and style of the exclusive office building.