HQ Accenture’s corporate offices

Hall Corporativo

HQ Accenture’s corporate offices

August 2017

Accenture refurbished its headquarters in Pozuelo (Madrid) upon transforming the companies’ entrance hall into a breath-taking space. The entrance hall is a key site for Accenture, dedicated to innovation and digital transformation for its clients.

LED Solution

Transparent LED Display






Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain

HQ Accenture-LedDream
In this sense, using LED technology solutions to transform it into a digital space for clients and employees only reinforces Accenture’s leadership role and fosters innovation.
HQ Accenture-LedDream HQ Accenture-LedDream

Technology and Digital transformation

This project led by Vitelsa in close collaboration with LED DREAM, brings together a groundbreaking LED technology solution upon designing, manufacturing, and assembling an amazing CLEAR LED screen. The LED technology solution covers a 16 square meters surface, with adjustable levels of brightness of up to 3500 nits and a maximum pixel pitch of P10mm, on which to reproduce corporate content at full high definition.
Perhaps the most innovative part of this project is the level of transparency which allows for the viewer to see beyond the screen. Furthermore, its customizable and modular structure enables it to adapt to any environment.

HQ Accenture-LedDream

Through this project, LED DREAM hopes to have shown you the wonders these technological applications focused on creating unforgettable experiences can do within a corporate environment. This kind of technological tool, increasingly used to create spectacular settings is sure to leave you gasping.
On this occasion, thanks to the screen’s transparency, users can display interactive communication contents which can be altered by playing with the light-dark effect of the animations; add augmented reality effects, among so many more unthinkable possibilities!