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The Bertelsmann space introduces a LED screen into its Events room

Bertelsmann Foundation

March 2020

The Bertelsmann Foundation has been managing the emblematic Bertelsmann Space, located on calle O’Donnell 10 Madrid, since 2019. The landmark designed by Enric Miralles in 1992, started off as the Reader’s Circle Cultural Center before passing to the hands of the Bertelsmann Group. Nowadays the Bertelsmann Foundation’s efforts focus on giving this room a new life in accordance with the motto “Dialogue for a Better Future”.

LED Solutions

Indoor LED Display


The Bertelsmann space introduces a LED screen into its Events room


Corporate (Events room)


Madrid, Spain

This room shall be a meeting place and an ideal center for learning in which innovative collaborative solutions are created, from which social change is prompted and within which discussion about current affairs is enabled.
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A collaborative and innovative room which captures the essence of Enric Miralles’ work

This is the ideal place to organize any type of event in the heart of Madrid. Indeed, this multifunctional area, divided into different zones combines one of a kind architecture with technical and audiovisual equipment of superior quality. Improvements such as installing lighting systems and new audiovisual equipment have digitalized the events which take place here, making them so much more personalized.
The biggest innovation of this rehabilitation was the installation of a picturesque Indoor LED screen at the center of the Events Room’s stage. Covering a 7m surface with a 1.9mm BLACK LED pitch this screen projects images of superior quality and a fully accurate reproduction of colors.


Said LED screen serves as a distinguishing feature for the Bertelsmann space as it offers excellent digital solutions to organize customized events. Among many possibilities, it allows for high-quality visual presentations, interactive conferences, and collaborative learning. It is also possible to play different elements (videos, images etc.) simultaneously, thanks to the Indoor LED screen's modular approach.