Augmented reality on Screens

Metodo confía en LEDDREAM para crear una experiencia digital “MOVE ON” de Nike con realidad aumentada en sus pantallas

Augmented reality on Screens


El Corte Inglés and Nike continue to reaffirm their commitment to the digitization of all their stores, and this time they have relied on Metodo and LED DREAM to create an interactive experience, aligned with their corporate branding. A new marketing campaign, called "Move ON", has been implemented in its most representative stores in Spain, specifically in the El Corte Inglés de Preciados center in Madrid, and in the El Corte Inglés portal de l'Àngel in Barcelona.

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Agency Metodo, Channel4you, Broox Technologies


Digital Contents (Augmented reality on Screens)


Nike store in El Corte Inglés in Madrid, Barcelona, Spain

This campaign has been designed and led by the Metodo agency, which in turn relied on its partner LEDDREAM to create this digital experience with augmented reality on its screens. Challenge: What's your freestyle? Do you dance or trick? In this campaign, the sports brand Nike encourages new generations to "express themselves" and "move", demonstrating their skills and putting themselves to the test on the dance floor or on the soccer field with the best soccer tricks. The campaign featured several influencers including 11-year-old influencer Alexity, who has over 680k followers on Instagram, 500K followers on Tiktok and over 4 million followers on YouTube. This project, led by the Metodo agency, has had the collaboration of its partner LED DREAM, who was in charge of creating the concept of this interactive experience with augmented reality, a technology that combines interactivity with QR and content in real time, from any mobile device or from your location and are also applicable on multiple platforms such as: Indoor LED screens, outdoor LED screens, professional monitors, totems and interactive kiosks.
MoveONbyleddream MoveONbyleddream

Metodo trust on LEDDREAM to create a Nike “MOVE ON” digital experience with augmented reality on its screens

This campaign managed to be a hit, especially among the younger audience, inviting users to dance and replicate the dance moves perfectly. The MOVE ON challenge consisted: First, you must stand in front of the screen and then move your arms to start. Second, choose the challenge you want to do: “dance or freestyle soccer”. Third, watch the video, and learn all the steps, and voila! You can now download your video and share it on your social networks. Nike fuses digital and physical experiences with augmented reality in its stores to improve the experience of its consumers.

This technology does not require portable devices, installations or application downloads, it is easily integrated into the screens through an artificial vision camera, which receives signals from any sensor connected to the screen, mobile or both and shows you the content based on the recognition of people, shoot a photo or record a video and through the dynamic QR or by approaching it to an NFC tag, you can download it to your mobile by filling out a form.

Interactive screens with augmented reality, QR and dynamic content

MOVE ON by nike y corte ingles

Customers can interact 24/7 with your interactive digital campaigns, and engage the consumer to interact with the brand on mobile and in store

Your customers will be able to enjoy a gamified experience, receive information about your product or link it to your e-commerce from their mobile. Also, you can get data about your audience. In addition, LED DREAM had the collaboration of its partner Broox Technologies in the development of this digital experience and Channel4you in the creation of digital content. At LED DREAM, as specialists in LED and audiovisual technology solutions, we continue to provide new digital solutions to our partners and customers!