Adidas & Reebok’s official stores

Creating and managing interactive content y marketing campaign videos for all of Adidas & Reebok stores

Adidas & Reebok’s official stores

Since 2017

As a crucial part of its marketing strategy, Adidas reaffirmed its commitment to digitalizing all its stores by implementing a digital signage system across Spain and Portugal. The sportswear and footwear German multinational aims to offer their clients a premium quality purchasing experience connected and tailored to their needs.


All Adidas & Reebok stores




Digital Signage (Retail)


Spain and Portugal


Creation of content and marketing campaign videos and products for all Adidas & Reebok stores

For this project, the German sports company Adidas placed its trust in Channel4you through its partner: LED DREAM. The technological and digital solutions expert was responsible for creation and management of brand-new content for the company’s label. This visual material was displayed on LED screens installed in all the store, showing eye-catching and inspirational content, giving visibility to Adidas’ & Reebok’s new collections, and leading public to their online channel.

LED displays with dynamic content of promotions

Specifically, these LED screens showed the latest novelties, trends and launching of new products, dynamic content concerning special offers and videos for their marketing campaign and differently formatted products. Additionally, it designed several visual pieces of work, created from scratch and sent in by the client, destined to produce videos: content edition, edition of videos concerning special offers together with text and image adaptation.
Lastly, a content management system allows to monitor it in a centralized manner, facilitating its communication on all platforms and ultimately enhancing the customer’s experience.