Under Armour opens new Flagship in Amsterdam, a new experience store concept located in Koningsplein


Under Armour opens new Flagship in Amsterdam, a new experience store concept located in Koningsplein

December 2022

The new Flagship of more than 200 sqm is located on the prominent corner of Heiligeweg 46/Singel 435, in the city center of Amsterdam. This transaction is a relocation of Under Armour's former shop located at the Kalverstraat and is part of the first phase of expansion within Europe. The American fashion and sporting goods multinational has launched a new store concept based on user experience and the use of new technologies, with a strong focus on digital connectivity. The brand-new building, spread over two floors of 100 sqm each, will offer the most complete of the brand, including the running, training, golf, and football collections. The opening of this new Flagship in Amsterdam marks a milestone for Under Armour, as it is in the same city as the European headquarters and the busiest shopping area in the Netherlands, thus offering users a superior shopping experience and a unique store.


Indoor LED Displays


PPDS Philips professional displays


Koningsplein, Ámsterdam



Under Armour Ámsterdam
For the realization of this digitization project, the Under Armour headquarters has had the important collaboration of its technological partner LEDDREAM Group, for the creation, AV design, and installation of a digital artistic LED panel, and that will also function as a visual experience and digital creative in the store. LED DREAM Group has taken charge of the installation from the conceptualization, design, and engineering phase, as supply and implementation of different audiovisual technologies for its launch. It should be noted that all installed LED displays are Phillips (where LED DREAM is Gold Partner). It is a special and innovative project in the city center of Amsterdam. The idea from the beginning of this installation was to design a creative installation integrated with the space and generate very attractive visual environments for the brand. For this, we designed a digital skyline composed of 50 LED panels of different sizes and shapes, distributed within the stairs and also integrated into the architecture of the space, covering the entire wall. For this impressive visual and digital area, we have chosen the LED displays of the Phillips brand of 2.4mm pitch.
Under Armour Ámsterdam Under Armour Ámsterdam

An immersive, artistic, and very digital space

In this space, two 1.5 x 2.5 meter LED screens have been installed, with a 2.6mm pitch, which are located behind the checkout and inside the store, respectively, whose main function is to provide digital and informative support for new releases. of products and other interactive content of the brand, and where the user experience is enhanced. Located a few meters from the entrance and counter of the store, two 43-inch 4K UH5F-H professional monitors have been installed that emit high-quality images and brightness of 500 nits. In addition, it has built-in speakers to play audiovisual content with the best quality and high resolution UHD images, which capture the attention of visitors.

Part of this digital experience is complemented by the installation of a digital showcase made up of an LED screen

Under Armour Ámsterdam

Part of this digital experience is complemented by the installation of a digital showcase composed of a 1.75m wide x 1.75m high LED display, with the highest visual quality of Philips pitch of 2.4mm, whose main function is to support digital and informative new product launches, where the user’s shopping experience is enhanced and in turn dynamizes access to the store with interactive content and brand messages. In addition to these main elements, on the second floor of the building in the Footwear area, the re-styling has been complemented with the installation of a 75-inch Phillips monitor with a professional ultra-HD resolution, with an elegant design, that emit sharp and high-quality images from any angle.