MediaMarkt-Iberia opens its first TechVillage store in Madrid-Majadahonda


MediaMarkt-Iberia opens its first TechVillage store in Madrid-Majadahonda

September 2022

Last September 2022, MediaMarkt-Iberia, the leading company in the distribution of consumer electronics and associated services, inaugurated its TechVillage in Madrid. Located in the Madrid municipality of Majadahonda, it has a total surface area of 8,180 m2 and 6,121m² of commercial space, 22 boutiques created to measure by the brands, and experience areas where customers can admire the latest technology while offering a unique shopping experience. A new store concept with immersive experiences in technology and highly digital, in which the company collaboration with its technology partner LEDDREAM Group, to enhance the visual and creative digital experience of this new TechVillage store concept, both inside the outside. Specifically, LED DREAM Group took charge of the installation from the conceptualization, design, and engineering phase, as supply and implementation of different audiovisual technologies for its launch.


LG Business Solutions


Curved LED Screen / Transparent LED Screen / Exterior Facade


Majadahonda, Madrid



This project has been a challenge in all its phases: from creation, design and installation. All the screens were perfectly integrated with the aim of transmitting a differential value, maintaining the essence of MediaMarkt-Iberia with audiovisual technology as the protagonist. This digital experience has been divided into 3 very visual and dynamic zones, designed with the latest technologies on the market: MediaMarkt's TechVillage surprises with its multimedia façade of more than 100m2 in total area. It is the largest LG screen in Spain along with the Callao screens in Madrid. The impressive and spectacular professional large-format LED Outdoor LG screen measuring 13.5m wide x 7.5m high, with more than 100 square meters of total viewing area, has a 10.41mm pixel pitch located on the façade of the Media megastore Markt. Its main function is that of informative and advertising support. In addition, it has a fully adjustable brightness of up to 6,500 nits, for a perfect display of the content both day and night. It should be noted that all the installed LED screens are from LG (where LED DREAM is a certified Partner), and all of them are managed using Broadsign's digital signage software, world leader in digital signage systems. It is a special and innovative project, a new digital concept that makes it unique and the first in Spain.
Mediamarkt-majadahonda-by-leddream-LG-españa Mediamarkt-majadahonda-by-leddream-LG-españa

MediaMarkt's TechVillage surprises with its multimedia façade of more than 100m2 in total area. It is the largest LG screen in Spain together with the Callao screens in Madrid

As part of the digitization of the store, we can see the Flexible Curved LED Display located inside. Here the LG Curved LED screen stands out, 4.20m wide x 1.69m high, with a total surface area of 7m2, a 2.5mm pixel pitch, and a brightness of 700 nits. It is a special mix of design, technology, and architecture. But, above all, its uniqueness lies in its 360-degree circular format. This LED screen design emits clear, high-quality images from any angle, and is specially manufactured and customized to suit the needs of each client.

MediaMarkt-Iberia had the collaboration of its technological partner LEDDREAM Group for the supply, installation and implementation of different audiovisual technologies from the manufacturer LG for its TechVillage format store in Spain, inaugurated in September 2022.


Part of this digital experience is complemented by the installation of the 10m2 Transparent LED Screen

Another of the most attractive digital elements is the LG LAT140 transparent LED screen with a total area of 10m2, which offers a brightness of 2,100 nits and a 14mm pixel. This unique transparent display technology allows you to create an incredibly powerful visual experience that attracts the attention of visitors while blending chameleonically with the space: it is located on the second floor and revolves around the stairs. Another great benefit of this state-of-the-art LED display technology is its transparency, thinness, and lightweight. Plus, it's self-adhesive, so it can be easily attached to window glass surfaces without the need for complicated construction. It is fully customizable, with the possibility of integration in multiple locations and in different ways. From LED DREAM, as specialists in LED and audiovisual technology solutions, we continue to provide new digital solutions to our clients and partners!