CUPRA inaugurates its first City Garage in Madrid, the largest in the world

CUPRA inaugurates its first City Garage in Madrid, the largest in the world

February 2024

CUPRA lands in Madrid with the opening of the world's largest City Garage, an innovative and disruptive space located at 88 Serrano Street, in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood. This iconic venue pays tribute to Madrid and its diversity. Coinciding with the brand's sixth anniversary, it aims to engage with the city's cultural agenda and connect with the Madrid way of life through art, music, gastronomy, lifestyle, and sports, offering a unique and captivating automotive experience.


MC ingenieros / Philips / Dicom


LED Screens / Professional Monitors / Video Conferencing System / Sound & Lights / Digital Lighting


Barcelona, Spain



Experiencia Cupra by Leddream
This exclusive space designed for connection spans over 1,300 square meters spread across two floors, joined together by a large vertical garden that adds an organic touch to the space, occupying one of the main walls of the City Garage. Additionally, it features a multidisciplinary showroom showcasing the latest in automotive design, a restaurant where visitors can indulge in exquisite cuisine, and an auditorium for exclusive events and presentations. Furthermore, it offers a distinctive area called CUPRA Mad Room by B-Lab, the first immersive reality room open to the public in the whole of Europe. Every detail was meticulously crafted to create emotional experiences and highlight the cultural and avant-garde bond between Madrid and Cupra. The space's design stands out with its blue tones inspired by the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea, and the presence of iconic elements of Madrid, such as the majestic Cibeles fountain and the iconic equestrian statue of Carlos III in Puerta del Sol. This harmonious fusion breathes life into a unique and vibrant space. The company DICOM participated in the design of this cutting-edge space.
Experiencia Cupra by leddream

Cupra City Garage has been equipped with the most advanced audiovisual technology, strategically distributed across various areas of the premises. LED DREAM Group and Lumalia Studio, along with their partner MC Engineers, have played a crucial role in the development of this innovative space, handling everything from the supply, installation, configuration, and commissioning of meeting rooms to the audiovisual equipment in the auditorium on the -1 floor, installation of LED screens (Philips) and professional LCD monitors (Philips), digital sound and lights in the sales room; all in AV technology for a unique and multidisciplinary space: collaborative systems (Logitech and Barco), digital signage, cameras (Canon), spotlights (Prolight), sound (D&B and JBL), control (Crestron), video control and editing tables (Blackmagic), lights, sound, streaming, storage, etc. Existing architectural elements have been enhanced with cutting-edge technology to create a comfortable and immersive space. Every detail has been meticulously considered to enhance the visitor experience, offering a place to immerse oneself in the culture and passion of the brand, turning each visit into a memorable experience.

LED DREAM Group and Lumalia Studio, along with their partner MC Engineers, have played a fundamental role in the development of this innovative new space.

Experiencia Cupra by leddream

The digital luminaires have been meticulously designed to enhance the journey with dynamic and high-exposure lighting. Comprising almost 70 pieces designed parametrically and spanning a total length of nearly 150 linear meters, these luminaires, present in 4 suspended elements, seamlessly integrate, in perfect harmony with the environment created for the new Flagship Cupra City Garage in Madrid. This design naturally merges with the ambiance, contributing to creating a captivating atmosphere for visitors. The concept of dynamic lighting was led by Lumalia Studio, which also handled the manufacturing, engineering, assembly, and installation of all digital lighting in the space.