Barcelona’s Casino

Renew your establishment with several LED screens

Barcelona’s Casino

April 2014

Barcelona’s iconic casino, located before Barcelona’s famous ARS Hotel, wished to transform both the interior and exterior of its spacious premises, as it aimed to give them a renewed image of modernity, and to attract more potential customers and visitors to the area. LED DREAM, an Indoor & Outdoor LED solutions expert, was very pleased to be entrusted with this project, and it was assigned to develop digital signage on LED Display equipment for the casino’s several window displays.

LED Solution

Indoor LED Display


Barcelona’s Casino




Street la Marina 19, Barcelona, Spain

In addition, LED DREAM carried out the inclusion of intelligent glass illuminated by LED next to said displays to offer an even more overall spectacular effect.

The façade of Barcelona’s Casino shows a new image thanks to the installation of formidable LED screens

The project comprises six LED screens with a high-resolution and a high-brightness level of up to 4.000 nits (very unusual for indoor LED screens) to combat the incidence of direct sunlight. These include two square screens with dimensions of 2x2 meters and four others with a more portrait kind of format and 1x2m dimensions.


Thanks to these high levels of brightness, the ‘Casino de Barcelona’ makes sure its displays can be seen at all times of the day, since the window displays in which the screens were installed suffer the incidence of direct sunlight. Lastly, all the LED screens are managed from a single monitoring point making them an agile and effective means of communication with our client.