LactApp opens its Breastfeeding and Maternity Care Center in Barcelona

LactApp opens its Breastfeeding and Maternity Care Center in Barcelona

October 2023

LactApp, the Catalan startup dedicated to women's health, takes a significant step by inaugurating its new headquarters in the city of Barcelona. This innovative space has been designed with an interactive and collaborative focus, prioritizing the well-being and support of families during the maternity stage, as well as the well-being of its employees. LactApp Barcelona is divided into two distinct working spaces. On the ground floor, it provides maternal and child care services, including lactation consultations, myofunctional speech therapy, pediatric physiotherapy, and perinatal psychology. It also offers an urgent breastfeeding support service. Its main goal is to enhance support for mothers at all stages, from pregnancy to weaning, and to address their questions throughout this process. The LactApp space is designed to encourage professional training and development in cutting-edge facilities, including an agora and an adjoining room that simulates a video-connected chamber.




Indoor LED Screens / Professional monitors / Wireless video conferencing system


Barcelona, Spain



LactApp, la reconocida aplicación dedicada a la salud de las mujeres, inaugura su Centro de atención a la Lactancia y la Maternidad en Barcelona de la mano de LEDDREAM Group
The new headquarters of LactApp is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment strategically distributed across three interactive areas. From the modern reception area with digital signage to the impressive LED displays in the storefront, we have enhanced the existing architectural elements and combined them with cutting-edge audiovisual technology to create a comfortable and welcoming space. Every detail has been carefully considered to optimize the experience for both the team and the mothers. "The incorporation of new technologies like screens and conferencing systems has completely transformed the way we operate in our Maternity and Breastfeeding Care Center. It has streamlined communication and made our presentations easy and comfortable, both for our staff and our families. We now fully enjoy this experience and functionality, and it's evident how much effort and dedication have been invested in this project," notes Maria Berruezo, CO-Founder of LactApp. The first floor is primarily dedicated to the startup's team. LactApp's new office has been designed to promote a healthy, spacious environment that allows for concentration as well as collaborative spaces. In addition to its facilities, LactApp is a mobile application present in more than 180 countries, available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. It has handled 23.5 million queries. In Spain, one out of every four new mothers uses the app. The premium services offered by the app include videoconferencing, daily advice, and personalized notifications based on the baby's age. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the company's commitment to providing complete support for mothers.
Lactapp y leddream

This support center has been divided into 3 highly visual and dynamic areas, designed with the latest market technologies

1. Ágora Room, we've taken audiovisual technology to the next level. We've installed an impressive 3m x 2m Philips LED screen with exceptional image quality. To enhance meetings, we've incorporated an advanced wireless video conferencing system, the ClickShare CX-30, and a Logitech Rally camera to ensure effective and clear meetings. Additionally, we've integrated an ECLER audio system for a top-notch auditory experience. This room offers a complete and efficient experience for high-quality meetings and presentations.
2. Zona BOX room, two key elements stand out for effective communication and collaboration. Firstly, the advanced Poly Studio R30 camera, renowned for its high-definition image quality and automatic focus, ensuring exceptionally clear video conferences. Complementing this technology, we've integrated the ClickShare CX-20 system, simplifying wireless content sharing and facilitating seamless collaboration.

LEDDREAM Group took charge of all the audiovisual equipment for the new headquarters in Barcelona, from design to installation and integration of collaborative systems. This included setting up high-definition LED screens in various sizes, from renowned brands such as LG and Philips, using Vogel's certified mounts.

LactApp y leddream

3. At the reception, we've implemented an advanced digital signage system featuring a 75-inch Philips UHD monitor with 500 nits of brightness. This elegant monitor displays high-quality images from any angle, creating a dynamic audiovisual experience. Additionally, we've installed an attractive vertical digital display with a 55-inch LG screen boasting 4000 nits of brightness for direct customer communication, enhancing their shopping experience and facilitating access to brand-relevant information. These screens, mounted on Vogel's stands, offer maximum flexibility and mobility.