Óptica Universitària’s stores

Creation of branded products and campaign videos content together with health and wellness tips

Óptica Universitària’s stores


Óptica Universitària, the Catalan Optics and Audiology chain, continues its commitment towards the digitalization of all its 80 stores. For this purpose, Óptica Universitaria entrusted Led dream, through its partner Channel4you, with creating a contents’ strategy aligned with the company's branding, achieved by implementing a digital signage system in some of the company's most representative stores in Europe.

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Different stores in Spain

Dynamic content, health and wellness tips displayed on its 80 LED Displays in Spain
Optica universitaria

Dynamic content, health and wellness tips displayed on its 80 LED screens, in Spain

Óptica Universitària entrusted Channel4you, through its partner LED DREAM, with the design, creation and management of brand-new content for its label. This visual material was displayed on LED screens installed in all of its shop windows, showing a dynamic combination of designs for glasses, special offers, advertisements in the form of text, animation and videos for their marketing campaign and products.

Optica universitaria

Digital experience of users and visitors

Additionally, the whole system comprises a content management device that optimizes its distribution and makes it possible to monitor everything remotely and simultaneously on all the screens' different platforms (omnichannel), ultimately enhancing customer experience.