Assistència Sanitària

Managing content for the Assistència Sanitària group’s corporate cannel through digital signage

Assistència Sanitària

Since 2018

The Assistència Sanitària healthcare group reaffirmed its commitment to digitalizing all its establishments, through the implementation of a digital signage system. The new equipment offers patients informative content and special prevention measures against Covid-19, guaranteeing the best medical attention possible and safety for its own healthcare workers, employees, partners and the general public.


25 Stores




Digital Signage (Corporativo)



Pantalla led
Creation and adaptation of videos on digital media
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Healthcare is becoming increasingly collaborative and informative thank to digital content

Since its creation, fifty-seven years ago, the group has, year after year, consolidated its position as the medical insurer in the sector that offers its policyholders the best guarantees for medical care.

We digitize the new Sports Medicine Center Assisport Health Care - FC Barcelona

Assistencia Sanitaria

Corporate channel management, communication in waiting rooms, integration of shift system

For this project, Assistència Santària placed its trust in Channel4you through its partner: LED DREAM. The technological and digital solutions expert was responsible for creating interactive content aligned with the entity’s branding and managing content for its corporate channel, including information concerning the center, shifts, latest news, health content and infotainment.
Additionally, a content management system allows to monitor it in a centralized manner, facilitating its communication on all platforms and ultimately enhancing the customer’s experience.