Next generation transparent LED displays

Next generation transparent LED displays

It highlights its high transparency, ultra light, thin and fully customizable, with the possibility of integration in multiple locations and different shapes.

LED DREAM signed an agreement with TIEGE Technology Co., Ltd to become its official distributor for both Spain and Andorra, reinforcing this way its high-quality and innovative technological solutions portfolio within the national and international audiovisual market.

TIEGE Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-end visualization technology, automatic system integration and both visible and invisible solutions. At the moment, the company holds 4 patents for inventions, 10 utility models as well as 2 EU and US patents, and continues its commitment to the research and development of new types of LED displays.

LED DREAM’s portfolio of solutions is undoubtedly strengthened by this partnership, as it constitutes an asset for its commitment to constant innovation.

Next Generation in transparent LED Display, a totally distinctive, innovative and revolutionary product, stands out for its high translucence, slimness, light, excellent permeation ratio and no cabinet. The product is completely customizable and incorporable in a number of different spaces and formats.

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