Nike Flagship (Eci Preciados)

Spectacular content for NIKE’s Flagship located at the heart of Madrid

Nike Flagship (Eci Preciados)

Since 2020

Nike, the footwear, items and sportswear American multinational, continues its commitment towards digitalizing its stores. Indeed, the company entrusted the Método agency and Channel4you with creating a contents’ strategy aligned with the company's branding. This was successfully achieved by implementing a digital signage system in one of its most iconic points of sale in Spain, located at the center of Calle Preciados’ Corte Inglés, in the heart of Madrid, and whose space has turned into a megastore greater than 1.600m2.

Digital Signage



Método Agency, Channel4you


Digital Signage (Retail)


Nike store in El Corte Inglés in Eci Preciados, Madrid, Spain

Nike-LedDream-Digital-Signage-2 Nike-LedDream-Digital-Signage-3

Technology and contents that connect people and spaces

Nike and its agency Método entrusted Channel4you through its partner LED DREAM with the creation and management of contents for its label. This visual material was displayed on LED screens installed in the stores, showing the latest novelties and trends in sport, advertisements in the form of text, animation and videos for their marketing campaign and products.


3D effect, modern and innovative look

The most important visual creation is a video where the brand’s famous ‘swoosh’ logo seems to come to life in different formats, 3D textures, and colors aligned with the make’s personality and style as well as with the different sports in which the make is present. The result is a modern and innovative look.
Additionally, the whole system comprises a content management device that optimizes its distribution and makes it possible to monitor everything remotely and simultaneously on all the screens' different platforms (omnichannel), ultimately enhancing customer experience.