TIEGE Tech revolutionizes the transparent led display market with its innovative products

TIEGE Tech revolutionizes the transparent led display market with its innovative products

Tiege Tech, specialized in the design and manufacturing of led screens, resumes its growth thanks to the customization of digital projects featuring its new generation of transparent led products.

NaturgyTIEGE Tech products are designed for integration in multiple locations, as they can easily adapt to different surfaces and uneven supports, where transparency is essential. They are very flexible products, available with a pixel pitch ranging from P6.5 to P20-40mm

No Cabinet, lighter, and thinner

Tiege Tech transparent led screens are 3mm thick and 3.5kg / ㎡ all thanks to their diodes and PCBs, which are no bigger than 0.5mm. Its patented Bare Wafer technology, unique and considerably more efficient, allows for high heat dissipation, maintaining the equipment’s temperature low at all times. Low power consumption and proper heat dissipation directly benefit the product’s lifespan.

This applied technology is customizable, both in size and shape, to suit each space and offer a high transparency rate from any angle. Naturgy’s stores feature recent projects in which this type of Transparent LED screen was used. The continuous commitment to environmental sustainability and investment in clean technology have led this client to opt for the implementation of Tiege LED technology in one of its pilot stores in Madrid.

The project was led by LUK HIAR company ( in close collaboration with its partner: LED DREAM, a specialist in Indoor and Outdoor Led solutions. As Tiege Tech’s official distributor across Spain and Andorra LED DREAM provided a Transparent led screen for a showcase, measuring 2 x 1m, and featuring a 6.25mm pitch. It has a fully adjustable brightness of up to 5,000 nits, ensuring a perfect content visualization both day and night.

As audiovisual and LED solutions experts, LED DREAM keeps offering new digital solutions to its partners and clients.

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